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Certificate of Service

The Road to Recognition


The road to recognition was a certainly tough but it was one well worth treading. Travelling down that historic path were members of the FESR who, along with the Naval Association of Australia and other interested parties, lobbied the then government for the just entitlements of ‘forgotten’ Naval personnel.


… we recommend that the Government act urgently to appoint an independent arbiter to review the case for naval personnel who served in the FESR 1955 – 1960, for equity in the matters of repatriation benefits, medals, and the inclusion of RAN casualties on the Australia War Memorial Roll of Honour, as granted to Army and Air Force personnel also deployed.”  (extract from NAA Overview Document)


Eventually a national review of the anominalies was undertaken, with Justice Gen Mohr and Admiral Kennedy heading the review. Travelling to every State and Territory to hear hundreds of submissions form all branches of the service, their recommendations have since changed the course of history. A Government has altered official policy and the Repatriation Act has been amended.

We are now officially classified as Returned Servicemen and as such can wear our RAS Badge and Medals on Anzac Day. Best of all, we can hold ours heads high when doing so.  Unfortunately, there are still many fellow Matelots who are unaware of their entitlements both in terms of veterans benefits and in regards to certificates of service and awards. It’s up to us to ensure that the word is spread. Tell your mates, contact your local newspaper, post a notice on your local community billboard – lets all remember those years with pride!

medals[L to R] The Australian Active Service Medal 1945-1975 (Clasp Malaya);

Naval General Service Medal (clasp Malaya); The Australian Service Medal (Clasp FESR);

& the Defence Service Medal [The Commemorative Medal of the Far East

Strategic Reserve, 1955-1971 is included in this display]