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DFWA UPDATE #248 of 17 March 2010

The Association is gratified, but not at all surprised, that the men and women of the ADF who rescued Afghan asylum seekers after the SIEV 36 explosion at Ashmore Reef in April 2009 have been vindicated by the Northern Territory Coroner. Coroner Greg Cavanagh found that: Whilst there was a priority to save ADF members in the water first and whilst that in fact occurred, I conclude that no criticism can be made in the circumstances of this case. It was not known whether ADF members in the water were injured or not, Corporal Jager would have drowned but for the efforts to rescue her. The fact that the ADF members were recovered and then assisted in the timely rescue and treated of passengers probably saved many lives. I have concluded that action taken by navy personnel was appropriate and more passengers might have died but for the action they took. Indeed, later in these findings I refer specifically to the bravery of three members of the ADF. In my view the individual efforts of ADF members Jager, Keogh and Faunt are worthy of specific mention. The Association again thanks the men and women who protect our borders, often a thankless job that can be made more difficult when media and others cast dispersions on their integrity and professionalism. The Coroner’s report is a welcome assertion of this.

Navy Marks 109th Birthday With Historic Changes To Battle Honours

1 March 2010

The RAN is marking its anniversary with a welcome gift, announcing changes to ships’ Battle Honours. Campaign and battle honours are highly prized by ships, squadrons and establishments across the RAN. The large boards on which these honours are listed are proudly displayed, and by listing the operational achievements of all previous units of that name, they serve as a constant reminder of the Navy’s past achievements. The earliest Australian award, New Zealand 1860-61, dates back to the Colonial period. A recent review of the Royal Australian Navy’s list of campaigns and battles proposed several new awards to reflect recent RAN operations. The review also identified prior anomalies where some ships had not received due recognition for their activities. The full revised list was approved by the Governor General last year. The Chief of Navy VADM Russ Crane AO, CSM, RAN says Navy has much to be proud of on this special day. “We should all take great pride in being a critical part of the Navy over the past 109 years,” Vice Admiral Crane said. “In a time of very high operational tempo the navy team, which includes our many civilian and commercial partners, continues to achieve and sustain the high standards set by those who went before us.”Newly commissioned unit battle honour boards will incorporate the changes from commissioning with the cost of the boards incorporated into the project budget. Battle honour boards for units presently in commission will be progressively updated in accordance with normal protocols based on wear and tear. The cost will be borne by the relevant command using extant budget guidance.Download the full of RAN Ships & Units in line for changes to their campaign and battle honours.