Defence hunting foreign troops with citizenship for service

THE Australian Defence Force is exploiting forced cutbacks in military spending in Britain and other Western countries, embarking on an unprecedented drive to recruit laid-off soldiers, sailors and air crew.Defence, which has struggled to fill recruitment quotas in the face of increasing competition from the lucrative private sector, is seeking highly skilled specialists such as fighter pilots, special forces officers and submarine crews. And as an incentive, it is prepared to offer a fast track to Australian citizenship for so-called “lateral recruits” after just three months’ service.


This article and comic appeared in today’s The Australian. It makes one wonder where this country of ours is heading; those of us who have served our country and the thousands that have paid the supreme sacrifice. Is this what we have fought for? Is our citizenship so cheaply symbolised that it can be bought for just a pittance, three months service. What is happening to the mentality of those elected to Govern and those entrusted with the leadership of our Armed forces. It would appear that if we go down this track all we will have for the protection of our way of life which has been dearly brought since our Federation is a Mercenary ADF.

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