The Passing of a Mate

It is with sadness that I must say goodbye to another mate John (Burberry) Cheal who crossed the bar on the 25th. November at times like this one tends to remember or tries to recall the past events that forged a Mateship.A true mate is someone who will share his last piece of food with you, even give you his last can of cold beer on a scorching hot day.  He will defend you against much greater odds.  He will stick up for you when you are being slandered or attacked, even at the risk of losing his own reputation, job, or whatever is at stake – even his head.  A mate is the one person who will come, sit and yarn with you when everyone else has turned their back.  A mate is the epitome of the Good Samaritan.  He will stick by you through thick and thin. John our friendship was forged 55years ago at recruits school,  may you have fair winds and smooth seas to your final mooring with the Great MarinerBurberry 2.

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